Sunday, March 01, 2009

Advertising On Entrecard

Have been in the site for long now? Been clicking and dropping cards, awarded as top dropper for a month or so. Gazillion of EC credits sitting in your account, now what? Where will you spend your Gazillion EC credits? I heard that the site is planning to buy credits from its users too. For now, they are only selling EC credits, 1000 credits for $6. And if that happens, it means a lot lot moolah for top droppers. Since it is on the planning stage still, we're back on what now?

Why not spend your credits on advertising? You have been accepting widgets for long now, it is now time for your banner to be displayed on their widgets too. How?

1. Log in to your account
2. Go to dashboard then to campaign
3. Look for the category you want to brag, er, advertise your banner
4. Surf and look for a site to advertise.

I think for a starter, you should advertise on widgets with price ranging from 32 EC to 256 EC. Another thing, it is better to advertise on sites that is somewhat similar to your category. And you should take note that if you really want to maximize your ads, advertise on sites outside your circle. Weird? OK for example, you are in the blogging resources category, you should advertise on sites under this category too but stay away from the sites that is in your blogroll or in your exchange link list. Why? simply because the people in your list is already visiting your site, no use to advertise on them, not unless of course if you are being generous on giving EC credits to them.

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  1. Pehpot:
    Hop on over to my blog, you have received the SMART BLOGGER AWARD for NOOB !!!



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