Friday, June 05, 2009

My Adsense Ads

Have you tried taking time reading your adsense ads? To tell you honestly, adsense is very good on keywords. From my personal blog to this blog, I am so tempted to click it!! whoa! That is how interesting the ads appear to me. Can you just imagine that. Like for example on this blog, there's an ad about how one earned a lot through adsense by using keywords from some site.. That is so interesting to me. Do you find my ads interesting too?

Feed Redirection

I added a new friend on the blogroll of my personal blog, but for some reason her feed is redirecting me to another site. Betchay of The Open Book Of My Life was the one I am talking about. If you have added her too, you know by now that whenever her blog gives you a feed, you are redirected to a page about para sailing.

At first I thought her account was hacked or to that effect. Then I started looking around and discovered that she is using feed burner for her feeds. I researched some more and I think the problem was it's either she gave a wrong address on feed burner or she gave a wrong feed address on blogger.

If you still can't understand what feed I am talking about CLICK HERE