Friday, June 05, 2009

My Adsense Ads

Have you tried taking time reading your adsense ads? To tell you honestly, adsense is very good on keywords. From my personal blog to this blog, I am so tempted to click it!! whoa! That is how interesting the ads appear to me. Can you just imagine that. Like for example on this blog, there's an ad about how one earned a lot through adsense by using keywords from some site.. That is so interesting to me. Do you find my ads interesting too?


  1. hi sis, talaga nga namang interesting yung mga ads na yan hehee..kaso katakot kapag na tempt na magclick baka mablock ni google.
    maraming salamat sa b-day greetings sis! hehee..
    i linked you here bilang pasasalamat

  2. Nice blog but update regularly do not post about your ads and others.Post something which is interesting to read


  3. yup. i'm not tempted if that's the word i'm looking for. i'm curious kase diba minsan interesting din ung ads. I'm not thinking about the getting paid through it part. meron naman pwede mo i-set na ma-disable ung adsense mo eh (pag ikaw ung magclick) for testing purposes. haven't tried it though.

    di mo mashado napapansin ung adsense mo, eh. ang nakikita ko ung ads like link referral. ung malalaki hehe.
    ay walang Name/Url hehe.


  4. How to Drop 300 Entrecards Faster in a Day!

    Visit this website, this is awesome, seeing is believing.

  5. My adsense won't work and I do not know how to fix it.I did not follow the rules.My fault!

  6. i am tempted too, pero scared of The Google :-)

  7. wow, new layout here too! :D

  8. i can't seem to find your EC...

    regarding your ads, it's the usual google ads. nothing special


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