Friday, May 28, 2010

BHO is Back


Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed
is back! Time to reunite with M3o. Let us all spread the word!
Come, join the welcome party! It's raining champagne and DOLLARS now!

So Liz got this site back after so many appeals.. and now that she expereinced the hassle of labeling as a spam blog and suddenly vanishing into thin air without notice, will it be wise to move the blog to wordpress? of course, for security reasons, it should be a YES.. but! the blog's PagaRank is FOUR.. yep guys it's 4. So what Liz should do?

Well, I think I am the best person to answer it..LOL

I have two blogs, both with PR3.. both are blogspot blogs..but I WANT my OWN domain.. so there and being a frugal girl who grew up in the province and every little thing is sayang..I maintained the PR3 sites and go on with transferring important post on my own domain blog..

So my advice for Liz is not to close BHO but change the title... then open a new BHO in Wordpress, import all posts that is worth importing and leave nonsense post from the old BHO.. and then utilize the old BHO into a new blog. The PR4 is maintained and the BHO is safe from G.

And though most people believes 13 is not a lucky number... BHO will be a good addition to her 12WP blogs:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Title Commercial Posters

The earliest posters were not commercial posters. They were almost always handwritten or printed text announcing an event of social or local importance. Very soon after the introduction of lithography and colorful images to posters, business interests began using custom poster printing to regularly promote their products or services to potential customers.

Since the early 1890's, commercial posters have been widespread across Europe. From the newly invented bicycles to the ancient rodeos and bullfights, posters advertising events and products of commercial interest became common throughout continental Europe and Britain. During the era of the so called Belle Époque, or Beautiful Era, colorful posters became even more popular. The Masters of the Poster (Maîtres de l'Affiche) series created by Jules Chéret during the last five years of the 19th century was a great commercial success, and today, it's widely considered to be an influential publication of that era. The same period also saw the depiction of women in more flamboyant and avante garde styles, especially in the works of Alphonse Mucha and Eugène Grasset. Their use of stylized figures and the New Art style was extremely influential in making the use of feminine images popular and acceptable in the culture. Other commercial poster artists whose works became socially and politically significant were Théophile Steinlen, Albert Guillaume, and Leonetto Cappiello.

While even commercial posters developed into an art form in Europe, the poster industry of the United States focused mainly on being practical. When Europe was creating colorful posters with images to showcase commercial products, American posters were mostly text based and plain, simply delivering a commercial message without any decoration or artwork. Most of these posters were utilitarian, had little to boast about in terms of quality, and except for their historical value, are not considered worthwhile collector’s items so far as art is concerned.

Monday, May 03, 2010

The Drama Blog

The Drama Queen lay out is a three column template. The post area in the center and two identical sidebars on the side. The title says that this is a blog of asian drama addict and the photo on the header compliments the title well. The girl on the header looks like it comes from one of the Asian drama the author is addicted to. Even the words on the header supports the main theme of the site. The font and the style of the title also gives the whole site a "drama" look.

If you go deep into the site, you will discovered that the author was able to maintain the focus of the website which is about Asian Drama. You can find post about Korean actors and actresses. There are also post that talks about songs and soundtrack from Asian Drama.

What I like about best with the site is the fact that the color combination are not hurtful to the eyes. With the proper amount of darkness, red, orange shade and white, the site is more attractive and fun to read.

This is a blog review entry for Yuuki’s TwinBlogversary Contest.