Monday, September 21, 2009

Adgitizing Made Easy

This will make your adgitizing life easier and faster. You can gain the required points in a matter of minutes.

Still don't get it? First you have to be an ADGITZE member, so if you are not, SIGN UP HERE NOW! And ask UTOY if you two can be friends..

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My adgitize payment:

Adgitize can make your traffic soar and will give you a dollar for that

And now I want all of you to experience the magic of ADGITIZE.

Just sign up in Adgitize and be an advertiser. You will have to pay $14 for that.
  • Put an adgitize ad group on your blog. Put two ad groups (adgitize widget) to maximize your earnings, the two ad groups should only be showing ten ads ( one ad group showing 4 and the other one showing 6).
  • Post on your blog as you always do (it is better to post everyday).
  • Visit sites that has adgitize widget and click one ad on them, jump around clicking on ads until you see adgitize 100. It means you already got 100 points for clicking and it's a good thing.
SIGN UP and watch your traffic soar!!