Saturday, March 28, 2009

Be Ahead Of Your Blog

Have you seen my entry for Blog and Win at Lainy's Blogoversary Celebration.

The works of my imagination, a story about a husband who found a blog. A blog he reads and follows and became the source of his strength. A husband whose wife died and through the blog he finds comfort on his solace. After a year of reading he found out that the blog was actually by her deceased wife. Now how can that be possible? That even if the wife is dead she was still able to write for her husband and be there just as she promised?

Don't freak out guys, that is easy as pie. OK you got me, my inspiration from that was the movie P.S. I love You, but some blogging twist on it. And not with the help of an in law, but with the help of blogging technology.

The blogging technology that helped the wifey is Post Options. You can actually make an entry and publish it whenever you want. You can schedule your posts! That is super cool for people suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder like me. How to? Easy guys..

1. New Post
2. Title and the body
3. Click in the POST OPTIONS button (just beside the labels for this post button)
4. Set up the post date and time to your heart's (and schedule) content.

I have been using this for a while now. It helps me to be in control in my blogging activities. On Mondays to Wednesdays, I usually construct my posts for my personal blog and NOOB for the week. On Thursdays to Sundays, I do my blog hopping. Another advantage of using scheduled posting is if you have limited use of internet. If you have no access during the weekends, you can just schedule a post for the coming weekend. Updating your blog everyday is very important on building your traffic. So just in case, it happens, that ideas seems to be flooding your mind, jot it down and schedule it. It can help your blog more than you can imagine. Happy Posting!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Could not detect a feed for this URL. Add URL anyway?

Have you tried adding your friend's blog site or website in your blog roll and a message tells you:

Could not detect a feed for this URL. Blog posts and update time will not be shown. Add URL anyway?

I hate it. I added my friend's URL so I am updated on what they are up to. So I can be updated on what is happening on their lives. So I can have a glimpse of their online journal.. and blogger will say to my face that updates will not be shown? what the!?!

If you are faced with this kind of problem, you can try changing the URL to this:

you just have to add atom.xml and if won't work add feeds/posts/default instead

Don;t just love to hear more from your blogger friends?

Friday, March 06, 2009

Brag Your Post

If you think there is not much attention given to your old posts (or new ones), BRAG about it!

How to?

Remember my back links entry? It works just like that. Instead of just a signature on your comment, leave a little link on your lonely post or on the post that needs attention.

My personal blog, joins a lot of meme, a blog carnival where you have to post a certain topic every week. I joined Mommy Moments, my Friday meme which is a very fun meme for all moms. I also joined Toy Hunt which happens every Saturday, and allows you to display your favorite, er, your kid's fave toys. Now I am also trying to join LP, a photo meme for Filipinos. This meme is every Thursday. I love joining this memes because I was able to meet fellow bloggers, who of course, shares the same interests with me. The good thing about this is they make a list on who are participating for the week. You can just visit the site of the host and you will find the links of the participants. It is encouraged (and common sense) that you visit other sites too. And since a lot of people are joining memes, it is kinda hard to be visible just by enlisting your name. The secret to this? BRAG ABOUT IT..

If you visit other's entry, you need to comment, so that they know you visited their site. When you leave a comment, you leave it with your signature and why not add a link of your entry?

This time instead of just the title of your blog, leave an anchor text that is somewhat related to the post.. Here are some examples:

Mommy Moments Meme:
Oh what a cute Mommy Moments you have there with your kids.. This is just lovely!
Make or Break

Toy Hunt:
This is a very nice and educational toy.. Your kids seems to enjoy it much!
Make or Break

You were able to let them know you also have an entry and also gained two back links! Isn't that super easy?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Bakclink Signature

Another way to increase your back links in the net is to create a signature. A signature that you will leave along with your comments with other people's site. To create one you simply write the name of your blog or site with a link on it. Here is what you need to do:

This is my signature for my personal blog which looks like this: Make or Break

This is my signature for my tech blog which is actually like this: NOOB

This is also helpful in building your popularity on the net. When you comment on other's page, it will show your profile, and sometimes people had the tendency not to check out your page. Leaving a direct link of your blog gives you an edge. The best part of this, of course, is the back links you will gain. When I started leaving signatures on my comments, my back links sky rocketed, fromm a mere 2k links, I now have 6k or more back links on the web.

If you think remembering the href and the tags is hard, there is a much better way to do this. Just go to you blog, create a new entry, type in the text you want to show in your link and create a link. Like in my personal blog, I typed in Make or Break, then created a link for that which is Then after that, click the edit html button and copy the text in there that shows like this:

I saved it in a notepad (for windows) and text editor (linux) and just open the documents whenever I feel the need to comment and leave my mark (which is always LOL)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Advertising On Entrecard

Have been in the site for long now? Been clicking and dropping cards, awarded as top dropper for a month or so. Gazillion of EC credits sitting in your account, now what? Where will you spend your Gazillion EC credits? I heard that the site is planning to buy credits from its users too. For now, they are only selling EC credits, 1000 credits for $6. And if that happens, it means a lot lot moolah for top droppers. Since it is on the planning stage still, we're back on what now?

Why not spend your credits on advertising? You have been accepting widgets for long now, it is now time for your banner to be displayed on their widgets too. How?

1. Log in to your account
2. Go to dashboard then to campaign
3. Look for the category you want to brag, er, advertise your banner
4. Surf and look for a site to advertise.

I think for a starter, you should advertise on widgets with price ranging from 32 EC to 256 EC. Another thing, it is better to advertise on sites that is somewhat similar to your category. And you should take note that if you really want to maximize your ads, advertise on sites outside your circle. Weird? OK for example, you are in the blogging resources category, you should advertise on sites under this category too but stay away from the sites that is in your blogroll or in your exchange link list. Why? simply because the people in your list is already visiting your site, no use to advertise on them, not unless of course if you are being generous on giving EC credits to them.