Friday, March 06, 2009

Brag Your Post

If you think there is not much attention given to your old posts (or new ones), BRAG about it!

How to?

Remember my back links entry? It works just like that. Instead of just a signature on your comment, leave a little link on your lonely post or on the post that needs attention.

My personal blog, joins a lot of meme, a blog carnival where you have to post a certain topic every week. I joined Mommy Moments, my Friday meme which is a very fun meme for all moms. I also joined Toy Hunt which happens every Saturday, and allows you to display your favorite, er, your kid's fave toys. Now I am also trying to join LP, a photo meme for Filipinos. This meme is every Thursday. I love joining this memes because I was able to meet fellow bloggers, who of course, shares the same interests with me. The good thing about this is they make a list on who are participating for the week. You can just visit the site of the host and you will find the links of the participants. It is encouraged (and common sense) that you visit other sites too. And since a lot of people are joining memes, it is kinda hard to be visible just by enlisting your name. The secret to this? BRAG ABOUT IT..

If you visit other's entry, you need to comment, so that they know you visited their site. When you leave a comment, you leave it with your signature and why not add a link of your entry?

This time instead of just the title of your blog, leave an anchor text that is somewhat related to the post.. Here are some examples:

Mommy Moments Meme:
Oh what a cute Mommy Moments you have there with your kids.. This is just lovely!
Make or Break

Toy Hunt:
This is a very nice and educational toy.. Your kids seems to enjoy it much!
Make or Break

You were able to let them know you also have an entry and also gained two back links! Isn't that super easy?

1 comment:

  1. thanks..very informative..I add ur badge on my site...


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