Saturday, February 28, 2009

How To Maximize ENTRECARD

So you finally signed up in Entrecard. Now you ask yourself how you can maximize it. I asked myself the same question. First thing first, where to place the Entrecard widget? So you manage to add an html gadget in your lay out, manage to paste the codes from Entrecard, now what? I tell you based on my blog hopping activities and experiences, the best place to put the Entrecard widget is on the right upper corner. When I blog hop, the part of the site that i first notice is the upper right and if you really want people clicking your EC, put it right there. Ok I tested it with my kids and my helper, my theroy is correct, they firt noticed the upper right of the page.

Blog hopping is another way of increasing your EC credits. Actually there's a lot advantage blog hopping can give you. You can increase your back links through signatures. You can meet new awesome bloggers which can be an awesome friends in the end. If you blog hop, make sure to click their drop button if they have one.

My first few weeks in Entrecard was insane, I even bookmarked 50 tabs for EC. All the blogs on my blog roll who used EC were saved in my favorites. Every morning, I would open all tabs and click each and everyone. It was just this late that I realized my PC is suffering from my multi tabbing activities. Then I discovered BURAOT’s Entredropper Entrecard generator.


It really is easy, if you have a fast connection, you can have 300 credits in a flash. So if you are dead serious on making 300 credits a day, click n the badge above.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Entrecard is another site to help you increase your traffic. What makes this site different from other traffic sites is you earn as your traffic boost.

I first heard about Entrecard from Kaye. She posted something like entrecard droppers and I was alien to it. I search on the net what is entrecard and came to their site. I enrolled and let my account gather some dust. I did not know what to do at first. To tell you honestly, it never worked for me at first. Actually the site is very easy and is idiot proof but I don't have a 125x125 button then so I let it sit for a while. As soon as I'm done making my button for my personal blog, I activate my account on entrecard. For some reason, my button did notappear as it should be. I have a week figuring out entrecard and another week trying hard not to give up. On the third week, I gave in and let it sit again.

I like blog hopping, looking around and reading blogs that I find interesting. I noticed that a lot of blogs I visited were using entrecard. So again, I brave the site and log in. I finally came up with a solution, I edit my account and submitted another site and then just link my main blog. I waited until the blog was approve and the rest is history, er, kinda.

That is the good thing about Entrecard, they accommodate more than one blog per account. As of now, I have 3 blogs listed on them and switched from time to time.

How does it really work? How can you earn through it?

As you join in the site and listed your blog, you will be ask to place a code in your blog. See the one on my side bar that says a site to see? Yes the one which says E DROP, that one. That's the widget you have to add, which they provide. Just add another html gadget on your site and add the code you can get from Entrecard. Make a title that you think will attract people to click on the button displayed.

When the gadget is already placed in your site, people who are also using entrecard will click on the drop button. Every drop gives you cash, EC cash. EC cash is not your typical money but it can buy you a lot of ads in the EC world. You can buy an ad space on other entrecard user's widgets by the use of your EC cash. There are other ways to earn EC cash. You can earn if you drop cards on other users. Just as you go blog hopping and found some site with an EC widget, don't hesitate to click on the drop button.

So how it can affect your traffic (in a good way of course)?
In every site you drop a card, it is recorded in their inbox, that you drop a card to their widget. Most likely than not, people will reciprocate your drop. Another way is to use your EC cash and buy ads space on other users.

Lastly, having an entrecard account is a must (kinda) on the blogosphere.. why? most bloggers who run contests includes EC cash as their giveaway. How can you claim EC cash if you don't have an EC account? So go now, create one.. and I will give you a tip on how to maximize it.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

How To Create a Scroll Box

If you are finished with your button, upload it somewhere else and get the url or the direct link of your button..

In an HTML widget just copy the following and change the necessary informations
Your URL or the address of your site.
Your badge url it is where your image is located

The first code is actually just your button and the location it will direct when clicked. Of course when you asked people to grab your button and display it in their site, you will have to show them what they are grabbing.

The code where it say text area, this is the start of the code for your scroll box. You can play with it and change the rows and the columns.

Here is an example of how it will appear:

I changed the row to 5 and the columns to 30..

The one on my sidebar, however, has a row of 2 and a column of 15.

To install it in your sidebar or anywhere else in your blog, just add a new HTML gadget. Paste your code in it and it's done! Easy as a pie!

If you think this has been helpful, why don't you grab my button?

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Free 125x125 Banner or Button

A 125 by 125 banner or button or badge is one way of increasing traffic to your site. It is like a profile photo of your site. And if you are just like me who have no idea how to draw using your mouse, FREE 125x125 Banner is the best site for us.

The banner from my personal blog comes from FREE 125x125 Banner.

You can choose a lot of designs and personalize it, like this one:

I personalized it and added some words.. and voila!

Ads- impact
by- courier
pehpot- airstream

Even the logo from this blog comes from FREE 125x125 Banner.

Go and experiment and create your own badge!