Saturday, February 28, 2009

How To Maximize ENTRECARD

So you finally signed up in Entrecard. Now you ask yourself how you can maximize it. I asked myself the same question. First thing first, where to place the Entrecard widget? So you manage to add an html gadget in your lay out, manage to paste the codes from Entrecard, now what? I tell you based on my blog hopping activities and experiences, the best place to put the Entrecard widget is on the right upper corner. When I blog hop, the part of the site that i first notice is the upper right and if you really want people clicking your EC, put it right there. Ok I tested it with my kids and my helper, my theroy is correct, they firt noticed the upper right of the page.

Blog hopping is another way of increasing your EC credits. Actually there's a lot advantage blog hopping can give you. You can increase your back links through signatures. You can meet new awesome bloggers which can be an awesome friends in the end. If you blog hop, make sure to click their drop button if they have one.

My first few weeks in Entrecard was insane, I even bookmarked 50 tabs for EC. All the blogs on my blog roll who used EC were saved in my favorites. Every morning, I would open all tabs and click each and everyone. It was just this late that I realized my PC is suffering from my multi tabbing activities. Then I discovered BURAOT’s Entredropper Entrecard generator.


It really is easy, if you have a fast connection, you can have 300 credits in a flash. So if you are dead serious on making 300 credits a day, click n the badge above.


  1. Pehpot: I just don't get it. I am not a stupid person..but this is complicated to me.
    I have a zillion credits there, and I always post people's blogs that come and request that I drop their card on my site (except I don't like a lot of SALES ones)...but I have never left my card on any goal is to increase is it worth it? I don't sell anything...
    I don't get the whole system?????

  2. thenks pehpot for the promotion. hehehe.


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