Wednesday, February 04, 2009

How To Create a Scroll Box

If you are finished with your button, upload it somewhere else and get the url or the direct link of your button..

In an HTML widget just copy the following and change the necessary informations
Your URL or the address of your site.
Your badge url it is where your image is located

The first code is actually just your button and the location it will direct when clicked. Of course when you asked people to grab your button and display it in their site, you will have to show them what they are grabbing.

The code where it say text area, this is the start of the code for your scroll box. You can play with it and change the rows and the columns.

Here is an example of how it will appear:

I changed the row to 5 and the columns to 30..

The one on my sidebar, however, has a row of 2 and a column of 15.

To install it in your sidebar or anywhere else in your blog, just add a new HTML gadget. Paste your code in it and it's done! Easy as a pie!

If you think this has been helpful, why don't you grab my button?


  1. Hello. How about when you use Wordpress?? Can't make mine work aw.

  2. this is very helpful!! mabuhay si pehpot!!


  3. How can I get this to work with wordpress???

  4. Marce, thanks for this. mas madali nga itong way na to. grab you badge na din. :)

  5. Ngak, bakit nawala ang ibang widgets sa wordpress after ko mai-load yung badge. help marce!

  6. thank you so much! i tried lots of different suggested codes that didn't work - yours worked right away!


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