Monday, July 27, 2009

How To Put YOuTube Video On Blog

When I started blogging I have no idea on how to put videos from you tube to my blog. Then while tweaking my you tube account, I discovered I can add a blog on my account. From then I have been using that option. I would look for a video and just click the option on posting it to my blog. The only problem I have with this one is it is published right after clicking the post button. Since I am a big fan of scheduled posting, I have to edit it again and change the post option. This is much hassle for me. Only recently I discovered that I can actually just copy the embed link of the video. The link can be found at the upper right part of the screen. Here's a screen shot:

All you have to do is copy the embed link and post it in your create new page and add some sense if you want.

Don't you just love how easy our blogging life can be?

Friday, July 24, 2009

How To Move Your Post From One Blog To Another

I bought a domain at another blogging site. Later, I realized I just can't say buh bye to Blogspot. I am so used to its dashboard, to its template, everything about Blogspot! So instead of letting my $14 worth domain to trash I decided to transfer it to GoDaddy.

My domain will be available for transfer at the end of this month. Thinking about the stats, the PageRank and the link popularity and not to mention a 310K something Alexa ranking, I don't think I can just transfer the old blog to a new domain. I decided to just leave the old blog as it is, er, and make some new changes, like turning it to an entertainment blog. The domain I purchased will house my personal blog. I still have a lot to do with regards to it.

One of the problem I was faced was copying the personal post from my old blog to the new one. That would be tiring! So just last week, I started the transition. I created a blog that is in wait for the domain. All my personal entries are now published in that waiting blog. And how about my old entries? Do I posses the patience to transfer each and every post there? Oh yes I think I can but good thing I found out about Blogger in Draft.

Easy as a pie man! Just go to that link and you will be redirected to a blogger site or your dashboard on draft. Click on the setting of the blog you want to copy the post. Export the blog. Hey don't worry it will only store an xml copy of your blog to your hardware. Save it and there you go. You now have an xml copy of your blog, post and comments included.

Now if you are thinking of publishing it to another blog, again, go to Blogger in Draft. Click the settings of the blog where you want to publish contents of your other blog. Click on the IMPORT and there you go. Browse for your exported file and wait. You know have the power to publish all the entries or just your favorite entry.

Can I say I love blogspot more? muah! muah!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where To Buy Domain?

Thinking of buying your own domain? Tell Daddy you want one! Seriously, just go to Godaddy and buy one.

Here are some tips when purchasing a domain:
  • Look for coupons and discount.. hint: watch godaddy cool videos and wait... just by wtaching they will give you a discount..not bad eh?
  • Search a domain that you like, if it is available, buy it! Don't hesitate. The chances of this domain availability is very slim once you let it go.
  • Buy it for two year.
Hmm I can't think of any right now..anyway, I already purchased some domains to godaddy and I think they're good and professional.

Please don't ever buy domains to untrusted sources! Although they offer cheap domains, the problem is, some provider don't allow renewal of contract, specially if the domain name already made its mark on the internet.

Lastly, if the domain you like is not available, don't go jumping on .net .org and other .something domain. Trust me, marketing wise, it won't do you any good.

PS.. domain in godaddy starts at $7.99 (that's with a discount, don't worry the videos are great!)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Let's Start Again

Ok. Let's start all over again. This site needs some cleaning. I am gonna start all over again and put into a well documented entries the how to's of blogging. Friends has been telling me to put up a site with a title, ask pehpot.. I don't know if I am really qualified to be your blogging guru but I guess I can share a bit and make your life easier.

Why will you trust me? For one, I am not afraid to make a mistake. I tried almost everything I can and learned from it. I am too lazy to ask for help that I ended up doing a research of my own. I can say that from last year (when I started blogging) I am now a equipped to conquer the blogging world but still, drops and defeats are always welcome. Secondly, if you land here through a search engine, most likely than not, there is something here that you are looking for. So let's see..

I started blogging a year ago (almost) and back then, I knew nothing about widgets, domain, templates, html and the likes. I was like brain dead for some days. How can I change my template? Where are the templates? How much each? It was an endless question and finally I learned how to GOOGLE. Yes my dear readers, he is my best friend.. but if you are not friends with him, you might wanna subscribe in my feed. I can deliver to you a step by step guide on making your own site.

Let's start?