Friday, July 24, 2009

How To Move Your Post From One Blog To Another

I bought a domain at another blogging site. Later, I realized I just can't say buh bye to Blogspot. I am so used to its dashboard, to its template, everything about Blogspot! So instead of letting my $14 worth domain to trash I decided to transfer it to GoDaddy.

My domain will be available for transfer at the end of this month. Thinking about the stats, the PageRank and the link popularity and not to mention a 310K something Alexa ranking, I don't think I can just transfer the old blog to a new domain. I decided to just leave the old blog as it is, er, and make some new changes, like turning it to an entertainment blog. The domain I purchased will house my personal blog. I still have a lot to do with regards to it.

One of the problem I was faced was copying the personal post from my old blog to the new one. That would be tiring! So just last week, I started the transition. I created a blog that is in wait for the domain. All my personal entries are now published in that waiting blog. And how about my old entries? Do I posses the patience to transfer each and every post there? Oh yes I think I can but good thing I found out about Blogger in Draft.

Easy as a pie man! Just go to that link and you will be redirected to a blogger site or your dashboard on draft. Click on the setting of the blog you want to copy the post. Export the blog. Hey don't worry it will only store an xml copy of your blog to your hardware. Save it and there you go. You now have an xml copy of your blog, post and comments included.

Now if you are thinking of publishing it to another blog, again, go to Blogger in Draft. Click the settings of the blog where you want to publish contents of your other blog. Click on the IMPORT and there you go. Browse for your exported file and wait. You know have the power to publish all the entries or just your favorite entry.

Can I say I love blogspot more? muah! muah!


  1. Hello Mommy Pehpot..don ka din sa EB ng mga bloggers right??been telling everyone how envious I was sa EB nyo..sana next time kasama na ako...

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  3. Hi Pehpot!!! Sooo glad I found you again. You are so smart to figure this stuff all out! I am such a dummy at it, I do good if I can manage to get a post up!!


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