Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Let's Start Again

Ok. Let's start all over again. This site needs some cleaning. I am gonna start all over again and put into a well documented entries the how to's of blogging. Friends has been telling me to put up a site with a title, ask pehpot.. I don't know if I am really qualified to be your blogging guru but I guess I can share a bit and make your life easier.

Why will you trust me? For one, I am not afraid to make a mistake. I tried almost everything I can and learned from it. I am too lazy to ask for help that I ended up doing a research of my own. I can say that from last year (when I started blogging) I am now a equipped to conquer the blogging world but still, drops and defeats are always welcome. Secondly, if you land here through a search engine, most likely than not, there is something here that you are looking for. So let's see..

I started blogging a year ago (almost) and back then, I knew nothing about widgets, domain, templates, html and the likes. I was like brain dead for some days. How can I change my template? Where are the templates? How much each? It was an endless question and finally I learned how to GOOGLE. Yes my dear readers, he is my best friend.. but if you are not friends with him, you might wanna subscribe in my feed. I can deliver to you a step by step guide on making your own site.

Let's start?

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