Saturday, March 28, 2009

Be Ahead Of Your Blog

Have you seen my entry for Blog and Win at Lainy's Blogoversary Celebration.

The works of my imagination, a story about a husband who found a blog. A blog he reads and follows and became the source of his strength. A husband whose wife died and through the blog he finds comfort on his solace. After a year of reading he found out that the blog was actually by her deceased wife. Now how can that be possible? That even if the wife is dead she was still able to write for her husband and be there just as she promised?

Don't freak out guys, that is easy as pie. OK you got me, my inspiration from that was the movie P.S. I love You, but some blogging twist on it. And not with the help of an in law, but with the help of blogging technology.

The blogging technology that helped the wifey is Post Options. You can actually make an entry and publish it whenever you want. You can schedule your posts! That is super cool for people suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder like me. How to? Easy guys..

1. New Post
2. Title and the body
3. Click in the POST OPTIONS button (just beside the labels for this post button)
4. Set up the post date and time to your heart's (and schedule) content.

I have been using this for a while now. It helps me to be in control in my blogging activities. On Mondays to Wednesdays, I usually construct my posts for my personal blog and NOOB for the week. On Thursdays to Sundays, I do my blog hopping. Another advantage of using scheduled posting is if you have limited use of internet. If you have no access during the weekends, you can just schedule a post for the coming weekend. Updating your blog everyday is very important on building your traffic. So just in case, it happens, that ideas seems to be flooding your mind, jot it down and schedule it. It can help your blog more than you can imagine. Happy Posting!


  1. Wow Peh,

    You are very disciplined. Ako rin I have a schedule but not as good as yours. Gawin ko yan when I get back from vacation.

    Ako M-F ang blogging ko, Friday afternoon stop na to have time naman with hubby. I am planning to get organized na rin...I will be scheduling my posts na rin when I get back or baka mag schedule din ako while on vacation.

  2. I will have to read your story! I didnt know you had another blog!!! I am following now and will catch up on your posts!!
    Sorry it took me so long to find out about your other blog:)

  3. hello i'm your friendly noob blogger, i got inspired coz i found someone like me. i'm a little nervous for a while, but trying to cope..LOL

  4. HI pehps! i didn't know you have another one here.
    haven't tried scheduling but maybe i'll do someday :D
    thanks for the visit!

  5. hello pehpot! you have another site pala.. id like to add you to my blog roll too so i can visit you more often. i really enjoy your blogs!

  6. Your tips are simple but leave huge impact on n00b bloggers like me. I also found out I can schedule my blogposts, but only tried once. Thanks!

    shesh.. walang name/url.



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