Friday, May 28, 2010

BHO is Back


Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed
is back! Time to reunite with M3o. Let us all spread the word!
Come, join the welcome party! It's raining champagne and DOLLARS now!

So Liz got this site back after so many appeals.. and now that she expereinced the hassle of labeling as a spam blog and suddenly vanishing into thin air without notice, will it be wise to move the blog to wordpress? of course, for security reasons, it should be a YES.. but! the blog's PagaRank is FOUR.. yep guys it's 4. So what Liz should do?

Well, I think I am the best person to answer it..LOL

I have two blogs, both with PR3.. both are blogspot blogs..but I WANT my OWN domain.. so there and being a frugal girl who grew up in the province and every little thing is sayang..I maintained the PR3 sites and go on with transferring important post on my own domain blog..

So my advice for Liz is not to close BHO but change the title... then open a new BHO in Wordpress, import all posts that is worth importing and leave nonsense post from the old BHO.. and then utilize the old BHO into a new blog. The PR4 is maintained and the BHO is safe from G.

And though most people believes 13 is not a lucky number... BHO will be a good addition to her 12WP blogs:


  1. Sounds good advice to me Te Pehpot :)

  2. Great sis. I have a new BHO has a twin so I might revise the tips/posts from BHO as I transfer it to

  3. hi, i'm your newest follower in gogle friend connect!


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