Friday, May 01, 2009

Creating A Feed Through FeedBurner

I just discovered the reason why my personal blog was rejected to another paying site I am trying to join. Oh well it seems that even though I have 10K back links for my blog, I have no subscriber at all. I did not know that subscribers is the next big thing to PR, Alexa and the likes. So to make this entry simpler, here is how you can increase your subscriber.

First of course you need to create a feed of your blog. I used FeedBurner and do this simple steps:

Burn a feed right this instant. Type your blog or feed address here: this is the box where I wrote my

Identify Feed Source
Choose whatever you want... (atom feed or RSS feed)

Welcome! Let us burn a feed for you.

Feed Title: give a name of your feed..
Feed Address: on the box provided you can change it to whatever name that suits you..

The Feed Address that appears on the next step is your feed.. Log on to your blogger account and go to your settings, then go to site feed. On the box provided beside this phrase: Post Feed Redirect URL type in your Feed Address.

Your almost ready to go.. Now to increase your subscribers you just have to click on the Publicize tab of your FeedBurner dashboard then click on the email subscriptions, then activate it. You will be given a code and add it to an html widget.

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