Thursday, January 22, 2009

Publishing Your Blog

After figuring out what you blog title is, you need to think of a creative and available blog spot address fr your blog. I know it is kinda hard to make a good address that is also available. You have to keep in mind though, that when making a blog spot address, you have to make it short. Shorter address is easier to remember than longer ones. And of course, it has to be a bit related to your blog contents.

My personal blog which is titled Make or Break has the blog spot address

Why pehpot? why not makeorbreak?

Well it is obvious.. make or break when written without the spacing is hard to pronounce.. or read.. makeorbreak.. me, I read it as makeor break.. yeah like mateor or meteor.. which is funny and confusing

see what I mean.. So I named it as pehpot.. my nickname here in the blogosphere. easy to remember and easy to say..

This blog however is a different case. I tried acquiring the address but it was unavailable. So to make my life easier I decide to just use as this blog's blogspot address. As I have said in my intro, I am not a techie person but since this blog talks about some technical stuffs with regards to blogging, figured out techpehpot is the right blog address. And of course, this is also a good identifier, that this blog is also by pehpot.

In my article The Perfect Blog Title, I mentioned some good title for blogs..and tried it as a blog spot address.. but most of them are taken already. If you have a unique name as me, try incorporating it in your address, more likely than not, it is available.. after all it's a unique name.

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