Monday, January 26, 2009

Monetizing Your Blog

One of the reasons why I started blogging is the promise of earnings through my blogs. The simplest form of earning through blog is through adsense. Simplest in a way that you don't have to do anything, by chance you can earn something from it, not unlike paid post where you work your bottoms off. In adsense, you just display their ads. Easy? not that much actually.

In displaying adsense, you earn through clicks, when people click your ads, when people visits your site. That's the harder part, the hardest part. I tell you, after I started my blog, after a month or two, I did not gain any cents from my ads. NOT A SINGLE CENT! I searched and searched the web for the answer, the techniques to maximize my adsense earnings, the right place for my adsense, the right etc.

I even experimented on my adsense placement. The placement that works best with me is one below the header and two on my side. On this blog you will notice, I had one on top, one on the side and in between posts. Let's see what the effect will be. The right lay out that works well with me is the one you can see in my personal blog. Works well with me in the sense that I like how it looks. Somewhere in my search though I came across an article that suggests that the best lay out of your adsense is the large rectangle. GO on try it on your site.

Other than the right placement, there is of course, how to increase your traffic. From experience, a reader will most likely WILL NOT click your ads. Specially your avid fans or avid readers. A reader that will likely to click your ads is someone that ends up in your site through a search engine. They are the ones looking for informations and landed in your site not by chance but because you can give them informations. And those information is in your POST. As always, a quality post is the key, and if the readers wants more information, they would click your ads (that is related to your post) definitely!

And lastly, an older post weighs better than newer post, so from time to time revisit your old posts and edit it or add more information on it.

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