Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Perfect Blog Title

What is the perfect blog title? If you landed here by search, most likely than not, you know how much a title is worth. Right? So you came here looking for the right answers. I tell you I am not an expert, but I will give some points you have to consider before giving out a title on your site.

1. Site Category related
Easy to digest, it should be related to the category your in. If you are talking about cars, Wheels or something like that is a good start. If you are a mommy blogger like me, a more personal title would be apt. Don't commit the same mistake I did. My personal blog is titled Make or Break, which is actually a mommy blog. Tell me, based on the title, does it sound like a mommy blog? I am just too stubborn to change it and I like it very much.

2. Short and Catchy
This is also important. Short and catchy, for easy remembering. Say, if I have a blog that has a title: This is the blog of pehpot that she updates regularly, do you think it would score fair against Noob?

Make your title short then just add some description. So how about this one?
Title: Pehpot
Description: A blog she updates regularly.

See the difference?

3. Easy to remember
This one is not for your readers but for your own sake. Your blog title should be friendly to your memory. You would not want to end up scratching your head every time people asked you about your blog. right?

And Lastly, make it readable, and English friendly, if you are aiming for readers around the world, make sure your blog title is not deviating that much on the English vocabulary.

Some blog titles I can think as of the moment:
The phrase in italics is a description

Mommy Blogs:
Mommy Diary
Blogging Mom
Baby and Blog

Food Blogs:
Plates and Saucers

Health Blogs:
Slim But Fit

Money Blog:
Green is my favorite color

Travel Blogs:
To Go
Travelogs a travelers blog
Sight Seeing

Any suggestions?

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