Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blogger Templates


Now when I started blogging this is the most difficult part for me. I can't decide what template I would use. Since I was super excite to see my blog up and running, I contented myself with the templates available here. If you will notice they have 16 available template with two or more variance. My favorite then was the dots template and I used it with my personal blog. It took about a month before I got bored with it and look for another template. Again, if you have noticed, templates that are readily available here are templates with two columns only. When my blog started to pick up some traffic and readers, I want to include more widgets (or decors as I refer to them) and a two column blog does not have much space. I want more and look for FREE 3 column lay outs.

Make or Break is a 3 column, side-main-side type. I was really fond of this type, balanced and clean. Now with this blog, I am experimenting on a different type of 3 column template. As you can see, this has main-side-side kind. I think it looks good too. There is also this kind where the main column is on the right most part. Judging from the looks of both blogs, I think the best 3 column template is the main-side-side.

Free 3 column blogger Templates site and samples:

Check out the sit I have listed, they have the best 3 column FREE templates.

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